Bryngolau Caravan Park Rules

Here is a summary of some of the rules. A full set of rules is laid out in the Licence Agreement which must be completed when a Caravan is sited on the Park

  1. We permit the Caravan Owners throughout the Agreement Period (1 year) to keep the Caravan on the Pitch at the Park and for it to be used for holiday and recreational purposes during the Agreement period.
  2. The Licence Agreement is personal and may not be assigned or transferred to any other person. The Licence Agreement comes to an end when the Caravan is sold or transferred to anyone else including a Family Member. However, we will give a new Licence Agreement to persons approved by us.
  3. The Licence Agreement does not entitle the purchase of any alternative or replacement caravan except in the event of a total loss of the Caravan by fire or some similar occurrence. Arrangement can be made for us to site a replacement caravan of similar type and size.

Your Obligations

Around site

Beautiful kept grounds

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You agree with us as follows:

  1. To comply with the terms of the Licence Agreement and Park Rules.
  2. To use the Caravan only for holiday and recreational purposes (and not as your only or main permanent residence).
  3. To pay the Pitch Fee and other charges by the due date.
  4. To insure the Caravan against all usual risks.
  5. To keep the Caravan in a good state of repair and condition both visually and structurally.
  6. Not to do or omit to do anything which might put us in breach of any condition of the Site Licence.
  7. Not to carry out any building works at the Park or to erect any extension to the Caravan without our written permission.
  8. To give us written notice of any work to be carried out to the Caravan by external contractors.
  9. You have an obligation to arrange with us the removal of the Caravan from the Park following the expiry of the Agreement Period.
  10. The hiring out of any Caravan is permitting following completion of the Letting Agreement.
  11. To comply with the terms of the Licence Agreement when selling or gifting the Caravan or when it is inherited.
  12. To use the Caravan only during the Park’s open period each year.

Our Obligations

We agree with you as follows:

  1. We will maintain and keep in good state of repair the communal areas, such as grass areas, Children’s play areas and boat park.
  2. We will provide, maintain and keep in good state of repair the Pitch Services to the Caravan except where these have to be interrupted for the purposes of repair or for other reasons beyond our control such as interruptions in the supply of services to us.
  3. We will move the Caravan from the Park or the Pitch only in accordance with the provisions of Agreement.
  4. We will notify you of any changes to the Park Rules in writing as outlined in the Agreement.
  5. We will comply with our obligations if you terminate the Licence Agreement.
  6. We will insure the Park against usual third party risks to a minimum of £2m per claim.

Behaviour Standards

By entering into the Licence Agreement you agree for yourself or all people who use the Caravan (including in each case children in their party) to adopt the following standards of behaviour:

  1. To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards anyone visiting, using or working on the Caravan or the Park.
  2. To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
  3. Pets are permitted on the Park. Dogs must be kept under control on a leash, and not be allowed to despoil the park. Owners must remove any mess deposited by their dog on the Park.