Questions about buying a static caravan in Wales

Can you provide further information?

We can certainly send out a sales brochure to you. Please send an email to or call our Office on 01758 719 417 based in Wales. Who are we?

How long is the Season Length

10.5 months

What are the Annual running costs associated with owning a static caravan?

The main cost associated with owning a static caravan is the site fees. These vary across our sites and are billed to our customers annually. The other costs associated are the gas and electric, which are charged by the meter. New high speed wifi has been installed on the site, the rates are included in the site fees. We also carry out ground maintenance and landscape gardening throughout the site, all included in the site fees.

Can you live in the static caravan permanently?

Unfortunately due to no Council Tax being charged in Wales, you are unable to stay permanently on site, as they are not built to residential standards.

Do you need insurance for your static caravan?

You are required to insure your static caravan as per the conditions on the Site Agreement form. You will need to make sure you have 3rd party liability cover, and the cover is for the static caravan to be replaced for new.

Do I own the land?

No the land is owned by the park, you are buying the static caravan with the right to occupy the pitch. This is providing the annual site fees are paid and you abide by the Park Rules.

What happens when the static caravan comes to the end of its life?

We will have a conversation when your static caravan gets to 20 years old to look at upgrading your static caravan onto a newer model, putting it up for sale or if you wish to leave the park, we can discuss this further as well. Static Caravan Sales

What is the process of selling of my static caravan?

The annual site agreement form details the procedure of putting your static caravan up for sale.

Are friends and family allowed to stay in my static caravan?

Family and friends are allowed, as long as this isn’t let out for money and the abide by our Park Rules.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, all our parks are as long as they stay on a lead around the park and are respectful to other owners and families.

Can you sub-let your static caravan?

No, we do not allow sub-letting on our parks in Wales.

Do you offer Finance when purchasing a static caravan?

No, we do not offer finance packages for static caravans up for sale unfortunately.